The Herding, Chicago2013-06-04

MFA Thesis Show!

This week I’ll be installing my MFA thesis exhibition at the CU Art Museum in Boulder, Colorado. The opening is on April 5 from 5-7pm, and the show ends on April 18. I will be showing several large-scale paintings from my “Disturbances” project, which focuses on natural processes gone wrong.

Ashley Eliza Williams - MFA Thesis postcard

MFA Thesis Show!2013-04-01

Recent Press2011-07-22

Mollusks/Birthdays/Personal Thoughts

This project started out as a project about Mollusks.  (Studies in Malacology)

Then…it became a Birthday present.

Over time, it turned into an impermanent, self-conscious journal, written in fragments, organized by weight and relative significance of each thought.   Each day, entries are erased, painted over and re-written.

Mollusks/Birthdays/Personal Thoughts2011-01-30

The Sun Always Moves/The Sun Never Moves

My work examines the very large and the very small. There are several valid realities: one where the sun always moves and an equally credible world where it never moves (cf. Nelson Goodman in Ways of Worldmaking)… a world on the scale of the solar system or a single cell.

The Sun Always Moves/The Sun Never Moves2011-01-29

Sun-seeking Icebergs

Once in a while, the garden overwhelms the iceberg and the combined wing lift of the accumulated aerofauna is strong enough to pull the iceberg toward the sun.   At the research station, confused scientists discuss the best strategies to monitor this problem.

Sun-seeking Icebergs2011-01-28

Iceberg Gardens

Icebergs contain iron-rich minerals.  When the ice melts, these minerals are released, enriching the surrounding water and attracting phytoplankton, jellyfish and krill, creating what I imagine to be an abundant garden.  As the icebergs drift into warmer waters, they drag these transient ecosystems along with them…

Here are two, recently finished, gardens:

Iceberg Gardens


My goal is to build increasingly more efficient systems.  What if we could satisfy our metabolic requirements by eating our own hair and fingernails?  What if animals could digest themselves repeatedly?

My studio space has always been very important to me.  The arrangement of objects, sketches, tree branches, artifacts, paint-bits, wings and sprouting potatoes is careful and deliberate, though the work changes from week-to-week.   I have tried to create a protected environment…a sort of closed system or a self-sustaining biosphere. The world that I build is made of sunlight and water, bacteria and protein: the building blocks of all living things.  Everything that I make, when broken down into its parts, already exists.


Fall Semester Show

Here are some images of an installation at CU Boulder.   The show was constructed around two stories, one scientific and one fictional.

The first story is about the ephemeral, aquatic gardens that form around melting icebergs.  The second story is from A Secret Miracle by Jorges Borges.  In this story, time stands still.  A playwright is frozen in his own body.  Raindrops are suspended in air.   A bee is paralyzed, mid-flight.

The two stories interact with each other in unexpected ways.

These drawings are stills from an animation that I made for a show called Digital Nature at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Fall Semester Show2010-12-08