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Ashley Eliza Williams is an interdisciplinary artist exploring new ways of interacting with nature and with each other. She shows her work nationally and internationally and has attended artist residencies in the United States, Germany, Thailand, and China. She has taught at The University of Colorado, Colorado State University, and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She currently lives in Western Massachusetts.

Artist Statement:

I am driven by a deep sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world, especially landscapes that feel tentative, vulnerable, and in need of attention. When I walk in nature, I explore the insides of things: the furtive organisms found in the cracks of rocks, the fungi living between tree roots, and the bright patterns of insect eggs within a rotting branch. I’m fascinated by interior stories: the vein of history in a rock that describes an ancient disturbance, or an irregular tree ring that indicates solar activity or human impact.

My work is a series of “communication attempts.” Relationships between paintings, between objects, and between the work and the viewer are inspired by interspecies communication, conversations between living and non-living things, and a desire to mitigate ecological and human loneliness. How fully can we understand a cloud, a tree, or a rock? Can we develop a vocabulary that enables us to do that?

What does our desire to engage with the non-human tell us about ourselves? My central goal as an artist is to discover alternative, more empathic ways of interacting with nature and with each other.

Write to ashley.eliza.williams at gmail dotcom with inquiries or follow on Instagram for updates.

Download CV: <Ashley-Eliza-Williams-2020-CV.pdf
Ashley is represented by K Contemporary in Denver, Colorado.